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My Current Fitness Routine

My current fitness routine is “La Dolce Far Niente” -which translated from Italian to english is -the art of doing nothing. I took a 4 week sabbatical from any kind of fitness routine or goal. Being such a goal driven high achiever, extremely pragmatic when it comes to fitness and …

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7 Day Body Type Workout Challenge

I should have done this before!! Click here to download the challenge. You’ll notice the challenge started May 13th. That’s ok! Download it and get to work ladies. You’ve totally got this. Plan for the remaining week and do what you told yourself you would do. xo Hyla

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5 Tips We Need To Reach Our Fitness Goals

Looking back on my fitness this past year it’s been.. interesting. Considering I was pregnant and had a baby, things are different now. A few things I’d like to personally share with you that work for me and hopefully they help you as well in your fitness journey. Do the …

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