I Did Too Much Yesterday

I did too much yesterday.


And today my soul feels it.


Some kind of quote- in a world where everyone is telling you to be someone else…. moving towards a similar thread of meaning…

In a world that is constantly telling us we aren’t doing enough I realize how counterculture, out of character, and completely insane that first sentence sounds.


Repeating it for myself. I did too much. My soul feels heavy.


Why do we push?


What are we trying to prove?


Who has told us these lies of unworthiness?


Why do we believe the lies?


Is a homeless man worth LESS than I? Because he spends his days begging, not producing, not working, not “living”?


I should think not, yet these insightful questions I ask myself reveal my human nature.


The next time I see a homeless man I hope to lock eyes and reveal our oneness. Our sameness.


Our God given worthiness.

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