Why Slashing Calories and Exercising More Is Not The Healthy Approach

A week ago I sat up and said “ Im going to give away my ebook The Balanced Approach.” I created it 3 years ago but never released it. Just give it away for free.

I was feeling stressed about starting online coaching again. I didn’t want to create a “landing page” where I talked about the free ebook and someone had to enter their email, make sure they aren’t a robot, confirm their email, opens he email you get it. It all sounded so.. impersonal. So I said screw it and posted it on my personal FB page.

The response was overwhelming. Comment after comment of women wanting the ebook. I could have never dreamed of this. My heart about exploded. 

See I created this ebook to help women understand the following..

You cannot sustainably eat less and exercise more. You just. Can’t.

I understand calories matter. I understand exercise is good for you.

But you know what else I understand? If you believe you’ve been a lazy unhealthy slob for the past 6 months it does NOT motivate you. If you have not created a deep sense of self worth in the past 6 months, why in the hell would starving yourself and filling up all your time with crazy exercise improve your self worth?

Heres what happens when you slash your calories and exercise like a maniac.

You’re hungry. That’s it. The Snickers commercials are right.. you’re not you when you’re hungry.

This comes down to the following- It’s ok to be hungry..even a lot hungry .. every now and then. Hunger is not bad. Or apparently in this case, hunger=good because that means you’re losing weight. You’re doing it! You’re fixing your issues with food and exercise!

It’s good to be hungry and we don’t need to fear it. In fact, food tastes better when we are hungry. Just think over the Holiday, were you really THAT hungry.. again. Probably not but you ate anyways because that is what we do.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being I could eat my arm and 1 being I could never eat again, you want to be around a 6 before your meals. Not a 10 obsessing over when it’s time to eat those carrot sticks and 100cal pack of chips.

Ladies why do we think we have the mental space and energy for that? Do you know how much time and energy that takes? It takes a LOT. We’ve got better things to do with our time don’t we. Like taking over the world. 🙂

So hear me out, I’m not bashing a slight caloric deficit (because it’s literally the only way to lose weight/bodyfat).  What I’m bashing is extreme measures to achieve minimal and/or fleeting results. Every. Single. Time.

It’s time we learn our bodies cannot sustain heavy caloric restriction. It’s time we become more patient with our goals and respect ourselves. Understand our worth and value.

And here’s the most frustrating part of all this.. it’s NOT NEW. It’s not a new thing here ladies. Most of us have been starving on a diet for at least 1 day of our lives. It didn’t work.

So why in the heck would we think it would work again? It’s not going to be any different! 

Let’s focus on a more balanced approach, not an even score balance of “I ate something bad so I will eat something good to balance it. “ No way!

Let’s focus on a healthy amount of exercise that feels empowering and good for our body along with fueling it with enough calories to nourish ourselves. That balance.  Will you be hungry at times? Sure you will.. that’s okay.

But let’s not be so hungry we lose sight of who we are. Now go eat a Snickers. We’ve got work to do.

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