Why I Made A Cleaner Beauty Switch-My Beautycounter Story

I’ve been working in some form of the beauty industry since I was 19. I started at the Lancome counter selling the infamous Definicils mascara. I decided I wanted to go all in and went to Makeup Designory School in Burbank, CA for beauty and character makeup. Character makeup was so FUN. My favorite class for sure.

Beauty was actually more difficult because beauty was about symmetry and “perfection” on screen. And let me tell you….. it takes a boatload of hardcore thick creme makeup to create a natural look on screen. Not even kidding. Every single night (worked during the day and went to school at night) I would arrive for class, remove makeup from work just to have someone apply thick creme makeup on me.. again.

Over the years, even when I worked at Sephora, I was unconcerned with ingredients in products. In fact, I was more concerned with 1. How products made me look and 2. Skincare that would “fix” all my problems. I didn’t care how the product was formulated or the integrity and health behind the ingredients.

Fast forward to today, I want the products to perform of course! But I’ve learned that

  • it takes more than ummm 1 week to see improvement.
  • Exercise, nutrition, and hydration play a huge role in how my skin looks.
  • There are a lot of questionable ingredients in beauty products. Like… a lot.
  • I feel good taking care of my skin with a regimen that includes cleaner products that benefit my skin, the environment, and support a larger mission.

Did you know the federal government hasn’t passed a law regarding personal care products since 1938…you guys…1938. Of course, The European Union has banned or regulated over 1300 ingredients.

The US? Only banned 11. 11. Freakin. Ingredients.

When I read this, I just knew in my heart I had to start taking care of my skin for my health, not as a broken project to be fixed. And it didn’t start with extreme measures. When I first tried Beautycounter 3 years ago, the products were just ok. TBH I didn’t love them.

I mean come on! Look at what I had to compare to… if you’ve ever worked at Sephroa.. you know. I had totes FULL of skincare and beauty products. Some never opened. Every time a company would come out with a new product or we would go through a brand training we would receive full size products. It was insanity (and also really really cool).

Today, Beautycounter has seriously upped their game, improving products from all angles. From ingredient selection or performance to sustainability and even community. Beautycounter IS the breakthrough the industry needed.

Beautycounter goes against the grain and bans over 1300 questionable ingredients. Regardless of if they “have to”.

Personally, I see a huge difference in my skin by using Beautycounter skincare and some beauty products. I feel more confident in my skin, even if it isn’t perfect. There are days when I don’t wear makeup and feel good. 5 years ago that would have never happened. I had to wear makeup everywhere. I just wasn’t as confident (this probably comes with age too 🙂

You don’t have to start by completely overhauling your products (unless you really want to). I started small and made the clean swap slowly.

A few tips….

  1. Start the clean swap with the product you use everyday, twice a day. If you don’t have any products you use twice a day.. girl.. start taking care of your skin-even if that is removing your makeup and using body lotion as face cream IDC! how you start taking care of yourself.. just start.
  2. Check out the EWG-Enviormental Working Group. They are doing amazing things and have some really good resources. You can use their app to scan products and see how they rate with thee EWG standards. (link to EWG)
  3. Of course, check out Beautycounter website and poke around, do a little digging, and get informed.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me anything! I’d be more than happy to chat with you about what will work best for your skin.

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