What I’m Wearing While Hosting Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving is no joke. It could be cold.. or hot.. or raining..or snowing in Indiana. Who knows at this point.. I trust no one when it comes to determining the weather.

My son Boden has had The Grinch (illumination version) on repeat for the past week so the first thing that comes to mind is ” I’m wearing 4 ski jackets..aren’t you a little hot.. yep.. sweatin’ a little bit.”

Yes I now know this movie word for word but the last thing I want to be is “sweatin’ a little bit” on Thanksgiving. Running around hot ovens and large turkeys can only trigger one feeling. Sweat.

You won’t find me wearing a sweater BUT I’m still “extra” and want to look good. So Spanx leather leggings it is ( I sized up one) with a nice lightweight top and booties without heels because an extra glass of wine might have me toppling over. Haven’t been drinking much lately because I sleep better so even one glass might do the trick.

I love the color of the top, it’s says Thanksgiving without having the image of a Turkey plastered on your sweater (that’s only cute on kids trust me). And the boots I have in black are so so so cute (not sure how I feel about the word cute at the age of 36) and comfy (TTS).

Again. Spanx leggings on repeat because leather+leggings=”extra” without much effort and NO buttons/zippers digging in.

These are not affiliate links below but someday they might be.. who knows at this point but I’ve started using Shopstyle which can limit some of the exact items. I can find similar items for you. Just want to give you guys the images and ability to click links without searching for things. Hopefully it’s helpful for you-lmk on IG/DM if it is. I would LOVE to know!

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