My Current Fitness Routine

My current fitness routine is “La Dolce Far Niente” -which translated from Italian to english is -the art of doing nothing. I took a 4 week sabbatical from any kind of fitness routine or goal.

Being such a goal driven high achiever, extremely pragmatic when it comes to fitness and the ability to DO instead of FEEL (enneagram 3) I have the tendency to chase goals (even if I don’t have a concrete goal in mind) or chase achievement until I’m not even sure why I’m doing what I’m doing!

4 weeks ago, I completed the PWR at home program by Kelsey Wells, which you can find on the Sweat app and I truly enjoyed it! I would highly recommend this app for anyone who likes to have a set program to complete and feel accomplished. There are multiple program options within the Sweat app, I just chose the At Home PWR program because it fit my style of training.

Since my current fitness program is really nothing, I don’t want you to think this post is misleading! Of course, I find it slightly comical that I titled it how I did.

Moving forward, I’m not quite sure what’s next for me in the fitness goal/lifestyle/moving well space. I enjoy the freedom of doing nothing paired with sometimes doing something- walks, yoga, run, or weights. Currently Im doing none of those, but those are the things I do enjoy.

The biggest ah-ha for me right now being a stay at home mama is owning that I am a stay at home mama. It’s hard, being such a high achiever! Whenever I create the space or time to achieve the workout, 75% of the time it’s interrupted or I get totally distracted by 10 other household things that could be achieved during that time!

So really, for me, it’s more about what makes me feel accomplished on that day. Sometimes it’s yoga and creating mental space and silence inside my head-vs. out in the world doing and achieving. Sometimes it’s cleaning up the kitchen. Sometimes it’s reading or working on my personal development. And let’s be BRUTALLY honest, sometimes it’s the feeling of accomplishment pushing a loaded down stroller up the big hills at the zoo!

The older Boden gets the heavier this stroller gets!

There seems to be so much to achieve now that I’m a stay at home mom and it can feel good but also like Im chasing something with no “end goal”. Navigating that in my mind and soul is hard.

I trust the last 10 years I have built, the fitness body I have built, to sustain me right now. Knowing fitness goals will always be “out there”, and I will personally always have that drive to achieve a new fitness or health goal. That’s the easy part for me.

The hard part is doing nothing, the hard part is not having a goal, that is where I believe I will find and create the true center of how my fitness routine will evolve being a SAHM. So you could say my routine right now, is navigating the transition from a high achieving fitness chick to fitmom. 🙂 And learning to look INSIDE myself (ugh) instead of OUTSIDE -goals to achieve. I’ll eventually set a new goal, I have a few in mind right now.

But to be honest, the goals need to be FOR ME and no one else. So right now, Im learning who this NEW ME is and what kind of moving well routine SHE really desires.

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