Pantry Essentials I Can’t Live Without

I do love to cook.. but not like REALLY cook on a regular basis. Sure, it’s nice to cook some huge elaborate meal every once in a while but not realistic on the daily, even weekly.

Sharing pantry essentials with you guys today because I mostly get a lot of questions or comments about “sharing recipes”. Im no chef, and I don’t create healthy recipes-that’s what cookbooks and Google is good for.

I’ve made some awful meals and some great ones. Over the years the best advice I can give you is-keep cooking as simple as possible and learn to enjoy the simplicity. In a world of “lemon ricotta pancakes and toasted marshmallow ice cream and bougie biscuit stands” learn to enjoy seasoned grilled chicken breast and roasted vegetables or fresh simple salads topped with herbs, EVOO, and lemon.

Keep it simple, and stop trying to make tacos, meatloaf, and pizza “healthier”. You’ll end up with a bunch of grocery and seasonings and strange non-food items that you will use once and never again. Don’t fall into the diet industry/food marketing trap.

Establish a skill and the time it takes to eat well…it will get easier I promise! When you don’t have the time either plan ahead (because not having time means lack of planning) or make healthier choices when out or enjoy the moment/celebration and move on. And no I don’t mean a Tuesday night celebration of ” I made it through the day without eating sugar so now I’m going to treat myself” or the dreaded.. ” I ran 2 miles today so I deserve cheese fries. I earned it”

Eating well is nourishing our body to live our best life. Eating well means slowing down, becoming conscious and aware about the foods we put in our body. No one is perfect, but damn it we can all do just a little better everyday.

This is not a sponsored post or ad for Thrive Market.. I just LOVE shopping Thrive because well.. anything that delivers to my home is amazing to me. 🙂 Especially groceries! So all food linked is Thrive Market.

Ok… now onto pantry staples.

Herbs and spices

I must have these fully stocked! All the time. My favorites are Sea Salt or Garlic Salt, Oregano and Pepper. So simple and taste great on meat and vegetables.

Olive Oil

I LOVE olive oil. No really, any and all olive oil. I use it on everything. Roasted vegetables, salads, and even put it in my smoothies sometimes for added healthy fats. I also love infused or flavored olive oil for special dishes or pastas.

Canned Coconut Milk

I say canned because if you’ve ever read the ingredients on the refrigerated coconut “milk” you’ll notice a huge difference. Canned coconut milk is actually “real food” whereas the coconut “milk” that you find with almond “milk” usually has chemicals and additives. Not to say I’ve never drank it, and of course if you’re trying to eat less diary in general, it’s a solid option for you.

The point being, I prefer canned coconut milk because it it closer to real food without additives. I make coconut chia seed pudding every week and either add to it to my smoothie or eat with fruit and a side of protein coffee (coffee and vanilla protein powder blended).

Cashews and Almonds

I started making my own almond milk (again to avoid additives in almond milk) and my own cashew butter. I make both every week and it tastes so much better! Plus I love being able to see what goes into my food, especially when cashew butter is just cashews in a food processor until butter is formed! It’s amazing to watch it happen.

Whole Grain Pasta

I’m not grain free, but I do “limit” how much grain I eat. I like my food in it’s simplest form, and steer away from a lot of sandwich bread (I’d love to make my own sourdough bread! but I haven’t mastered it yet-#goals) I make spaghetti once a week because Boden loves it, it’s crazy easy, and super yummy. I try to purchase whole grain pasta or pasta alternatives like quinoa pasta. If I made my pasta from scratch, I would totally be all for it. But I don’t, so I eat whole grain or pasta alternatives. It’s always served with greens on the side on in the pasta (spinach blends really well in pasta sauce-sneaky sneaky). I also haven’t mastered pasta sauce so I purchase that as well and spruce it up with basil, oregano, spinach, salt and garlic-sometimes I add carrots to bring out the sweetness of tomatoes. Adding carrots takes more time, but trust me it’s so good! Learned the carrot trick from this amazing cookbook.

These pantry staples help me to continue to eat healthy and establish habits in the kitchen that make life and cooking so much easier!

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