Current Favs To Brighten My Skin

A few years ago I joined Beauty Counter. To be honest and upfront, the products were OK. I liked a few but the few I liked didn’t provide me with enough purchase to stay. So I left….(but I totally went back!)

I’ve always had clogged pores. My pores can get huge if I don’t cleanse them out and focus on the texture of my skin. Exfoliation is a MUST for me.

For one year, I didn’t use much of anything but coconut oil. This is the oil I use. I still use and love coconut oil. It’s a great makeup remover and hydrator. Plus, it’s cost effective!

But I was in desperate need of MORE. I needed to take care of my skin on a whole “next level”.

I used to be a skincare freak. Working for Lancome in my early 20s and Sephora in my later 20s… let’s just say I’ve put a LOT of crap on my face. I started wearing makeup in 6th grade! Powder, lip gloss, and mascara but my mom always said to me ” Don’t put cheap makeup on your skin!”

Her advice I won’t ever forget: Spend money on makeup, skincare, shoes, and purses. 🙂 Love ya mom!

Over time I realized that while I love my Botox, I need to clean up my skincare routine. And with good reason. I was totally slacking! As a result, I decided to try Beauty Counter again. I heard a lot of their products have been reformulated and improved 10xs better! So I was excited to try a few.

The first thing I knew I wanted and I had loved the first time around was the Beauty Counter Brightening Oil. My skin has hyperpigmentation/melasma particularly two spots on my forehead (thanks birth control pills and all the sun in my teens and 20s).

This stuff is seriously amazing. I add it to my coconut oil every night and morning. It smells like oranges, which means it’s loaded with vitamin C- a killer in the brightening department along with grape seed oil. Plus it won the Allure Best of Beauty award in 2017.

Since I’m 35 the rule of thumb is your age reflects how many days you get new skin cells to the surface of your skin. In other words, every 35 days the new skin cells have moved to the surface and old dead cells slough off. Which means if I can expedite that process you better believe I’m going to do it. Enter- Overnight Resurfacing Peel. Give me all the alpha hydroxy acids (chemical exfoliation) I can get. Get rid of the dead dull skin faster please! I apply this every-night even though it says 3-4xs a week. It works for me so I do it! Love this stuff.

Another great way to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal brighter skin underneath is a physical exfoliator. I use Bobs Rice Flour and add this to my cleanser or coconut oil. It’s so cost effective and you can make your favorite cleanser into an exfoliator! Add this to your shower gel and use all over your body before you apply self tanner too. It’s so versatile.

If you’re interested in Beauty Counter products or have questions please don’t hesitate to ask me! You can message me on Facebook or Instagram-I’d be happy to answer any questions!

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  • Suzanne Kitterman

    Every since I was diagnosed with cancer six years ago , my hair was falling out due to the medicine I have to take daily . I started using Beauty County shampoo (Hyla was selling the products at the time ) and of course a mother supports her daughter. I refuse to use any other shampoo because once I started using the shampoo my hair stopped falling out ! I also love other products by Beauty Counter . I just recently threw out any makeup that wasn’t Beauty Counter because one you start using it , no other makeup matches up !

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