3 Easy Summer Hydration Hacks

Summer for me equals midwest heat and humidity. I also love to workout outside.

Staying hydrated is a must. For health and for my skin. If I don’t get enough water I can immediately tell, especially my skin. If it’s dehydrated and my makeup doesn’t go on as smoothly- one of my biggest pet peeves!

I use NUUN Hydration tablets once a day. After reading about hydration and electrolytes in the book by Dr. Stacy Sims- ROAR. She talked about the imbalance of electrolytes in sports drinks and other hydration products. There were only a few products she recommended that met the electrolyte standards so our body can utilize and absorb water and minerals instead of you know.. pee it all out!

These NUUN tablets are not too sweet which I love! They come in many flavors and you can snag them off Amazon.

Water, fruit, and flavored sparkling water. So many options with this it’s insane. Sparkling water is everywhere! I always love to add frozen fruit to plain water or sparkling water. My favorite sparkling water right now is the Bubly sparkling waters. I like the light refreshing taste for summer and the fact it only has 2 ingredients- sparkling water and natural flavors.

Lastly the juices for summer! I love my juicer- I’m using the Brevelle Juicer and it has lasted 9 years and 2 moves! Such a great juicer. Sometimes I drop a NUNN tablet into my juice for an extra benefit post run. Love how refreshing and naturally sweet the juice is after a run in the hot sun.

This is carrot, apple, and watermelon juice.

I don’t juice anything I would normally eat whole. I do eat apples and carrots and watermelon whole. Of course! If I buy a watermelon that doesn’t taste sweet enough or ripe enough I don’t throw it out, I juice it! I do not juice kale or bananas, berries etc. Because that would make an amazing smoothie! But a carrot apple smoothie wouldn’t be that great. So I juice the fruits and vegetables that don’t make good drinkable smoothies. It’s also wasteful to juice greens because you might as well eat them in a salad, omelette, or smoothie and reap the fiber and whole food benefit.

The juice is only good for about 8 hours in the fridge and it’s best to drink it right after you juice it.

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